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It was a lazy Monday morning and my head was craving for chocolate and I was stuck in a lecture of computer organisation class for more than 2 hours. So I and my two friends decided to go to the nearby café.


Nowadays café culture is very famous in teenagers and college students like us. There are several café in Kolkata trending like MUD, BLUE MUG, THE CHAIWALA, and CCD etc… But trust me I feel giving so much money in only a cup of coffee is wasting it. this is my personal opinion. So this blog can give a new place for your coffee gossips as it is way too cheap and tasty.



Paris bakery is a café situated near dumdum chatakal.  It says a sweet treat from Paris. All the foods are Pure vegetarian and extremely cheap. If you are a student you will get an extra 10% off. It is the student discount.





We ordered one chocolate doughnut, one cupcake, one chocolate durt and two sandwiches. Guess how much we have spent that day. No! Not more that Rs 500 guess once again. Ok I am telling you how much we spent. The doughnut and cupcake cost for Rs 30 the chocolate durt was for Rs. 60. and the sandwiches are of rs.40. so all total we spent rs.200 but got the student discount. So we paid Rs.180.

the chocolate doughnut
chocolate durt
chocolate cupcake



The appearance of the place is very trendy and appropriate for collage addas. The behaviour of the people is very polite.

So I liked the place so much that is why I shared it with you. Stay tuned in MY BONG LIFE for more updates like this. This blog is not about fashion and beauty only. This is all about a life of a Bengali girl; it’s about food, fashion, exploration, photography and many more


Its time to say good bye I am Pratyusa Roy keep loving MY BONG LIFE.




Author: pratyusaroybonglives

Pratyusa is a middle class Bengali girl who has a funky live.

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