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This is the post excerpt.

This is Pratyusa Roy. I am a from a middle class Bengali family. I am starting this bolg to share with you how a life of a bong girl actually work.

The everyday style tips and my travel experiences.

So hope you gonna like my writing.

(Dress: saree:madhubani

Accessories: oxidised long earing)


I remember my first day in college. I had mixed emotions – being tensed, nervous as well as excited. It was a wonderful experience as a whole.


Hey all the new college going people out there, this is Pratyusa and I am here to guide you for the college lookbook you are probably searching for. Stop being worried or nervous, trust me you are going to rock it.

How to decide?

So how to know what is your style? Are you a tom boy? Do you like boho dressup? Are you the diva? Ask yourself what is your favourite style and what is the most comfortable dress for you, because comfee is sexy.

Are you the tom boy?

If you love the typical tomboy style, then try out jeans and shorts, along with some comfee over sized shirts and dungarees. Keeping in mind about the summer you can mix it up with caps. And damn you are ready to slay.

Get the boho look perfectly.

Are you someone who really admires the boho look and want to achieve it. Then trust me it’s a simple job. Bohemian is my personal favourite style btw. Long skirts, over size dresses and maxi dresses are the things you will need girl.

Churidars are a big yes!

In this scorching heat, churiddars are a big yes for the college lookbook and no one gonna think you are behenji trust me! Pair your long kurtis with an ankle length jeans or a colour contrasting pant instead of regular leggings. This is the best hack I can give you to be fashionable in your favourite comfee cotton kurtis.

Typical girly girls

Okay I am not partial to the tom boys or boho lovers but you girly girls already know what is your style. So go for some deep neck tops and midi skirts.

I really hope it was helpful to all the newly college going people out there. Best of luck for your first day in college. Have faith in yourself and don’t copy others. Create your own style.



my favourite must have winter wardrobe collection

Hey fam!

Hope you all are doing well. Here in Kolkata we are frizzing in cold as we are not habituated with such low temperature. So today we will be talking about some winter must have wardrobe collection. Without any further do let’s get started!

So in Kolkata we don’t have extreme cold weathers like other cities but yeah for the people staying here it is a pretty much cold weather. My mom literally shouts on that every person who will tell her that winter is their favourite season. But yeah here are my favourite winter collection I hope you gonna like it.

LEATHER JACKETS: So according to me, leather jacket is a must buy for your winter wardrobe. It goes with every single dress and gives you a classy look. For a simple day out wear it with a simple colour contrasting top, for a office day wear it with a formal shirt, for parties you can wear it with your dress too. So yeah leather jackets are just a versatile dress for your winters.

HIGHNECH SWEATERS: I have a big crush on high neck sweaters since I was in class VI or VII. And go perfectly with any dress and any occasions. You just need to pick the right colour and you are good to go.

LONG OVERCOATS: long over coats are never off the trend. Wear your favourite t shirt, dress anything pair ot up with a long overcoat you are good to go to anywhere.

So these are my three favourite winter collections. Tell me which one you like the most. And yeah one more thing I forgot to tell you, now you can directly contact to the talented photographer as he has his own photography page now
His instagram handle is : https://www.instagram.com/dearsnap/

My instagram handle is : https://www.instagram.com/mybonglife/

Happy winters fam, see you next week on review Thursday. Till then good bye and enjoy our winters.

places to shoot for a fashion blog or Instagram page in kolkata

here are some places from kolkata where you can shoot for your fashion blog and instagram page

Hello family!Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Wish you all a very happy new year. Hope 2018 will be a great year for both of us. Do tell me about your resolutions of 2018 in the comments.

So a lot of you keep asking me about my photo-shoots and about the locations and trust me I struggle a lot while finding the shoot location. So I decided to write a blog for you guys about my locations. As I stay in Kolkata, India I will give some references from Kolkata but I am also going to generalize the whole topic for you guys so don’t worry.

So there are two types of backgrounds I will be talking about

1) greeneries

2) solid walls

Let’s talk about greeneries first;

  • MAIDAN AND VICTORIA MEMORIAL- if you are looking for a green but clean sky background Maidan is just your place. Victoria memorial has a really big garden perfect for photo-shoots. In Maidan you can also have a horse ride of photos with the horse as some people out there rent horses. So yeah if you want some green backgrounds you should definitely give Maidan a shot.
  • RABINDRA SADAN- so Rabindra Sadan has a both greeneries and walls and everything. It is my personal favourite place to shoot because you have everything gathered in one place. It takes two or three minutes walk from Rabindra Sadan to reach St. poul’s church and it is also a great location to shoot. You have seen my maximum photos were taken in Rabindra Sadan as I really love the place and the atmosphere.
  • SOUTH PARK STREET CEMETERY- again south park street cemetery has a lot of greenery with perfect amount of vintage walls. There are 1600 graves or tombs of INDO-SARACENIC style. It will give you really vintage yet green Now coming to the walls; this is my favourite
  • NORTH KOLKATA- you just cannot get enough good walls to compliment you photo than NORTH KOLKATA. It has the perfect amount vintage to compliment all your western, Indo-western and Indian outfits. It is also great for couple photo-shoots. I love everything about north Kolkata as I have a thing for walls and north Kolkata is just perfect for it.
  • GRAFFITI WALLS- Graffiti walls just gives a whole new dimension to your photo, but a lot of you struggle finding the perfect graffiti walls. Okay I am your life saviour. You will find 2 graffiti walls in park street area in front of ROXY-THE PARK. If you want some more ideas yes I can tell you one more location where you can get a whole lot of creative graffiti and that is in the presidency campus. They have such beautiful graffiti, I just love them.

So yeah that is pretty much it. Tell me which of these ideas you like the most. And don’t forget to comment about all your New Year resolutions as I want to know and interact with all of you. Oh one more thing I wanted to share with you all, I am restarting YouTube so don’t forget to join my YouTube fam.

This is Pratyusa Roy from Mybonglife bidding you goodbye for now, will see you all next week.


Maybelline “Rock nudes” eye shadow palate:review

hello lovers!


So a festive season has just ended. And there is a lots of makeup and beauty products we got. So now it is a review time.

Today we’ll be talking about the Maybelline New York’s “the rock nudes” eye shadow palate



Maybelline has introduced a palate of 12 both shimmery and matte shades in just Rs- 694. The real price is Rs- 950 but it retails for Rs-694 only in amazon (I will give you the link). As I said this palate consists of both shimmery and matte shades. So if you are on a budget you should definitely give it a try.




The packaging is good. All the 12 shades come in a plastic case which is very handy and travel friendly. It comes with a two sided brush which helps you applying the product. The packaging is pretty good, but what I do feel about this palate is there could be a short mirror inside the palate. It would be more helpful because if you are carrying this palate you do need to carry an extra mirror. Without this the packaging is good.



Coming to the review of the Maybelline’s rock new palate the colours are very classy and attractive. You can use it for a daily basis and for parties as well.  I really love the versatility of the palate. They even have given an instruction at the back of the palate about the contrasting colours.




  • 12 different shades available to create different looks.
  • Easily available.
  • Perfect to create Smokey eyes
  • Pretty metallic, shimmery and matte shades.
  • Easy to apply with fingers and brush.
  • Lasts for a good amount of 5-6 hours on my eyes and even more without a primer



  • The texture is a bit gritty and chalky.
  • Causes a lot of fall-out in the pan
  • The pigmentation on the shimmery shades could have been a bit better.
  • Does not blend very smoothly.
  • No basic shades.

Would I Recommend Maybelline The Rock Nudes Palette?

if you are on a budget and need an eye shadow palate for daily use I should recommend you this product. But I have a huge disappointment with the pigmentation of few shades, otherwise the product is good to go and have very trending colours.


So I will give a 3 out of 5 to this palate

That’s it for today.  My friends and followers do not use makeup to hide your weakness use makeup to highlight you strength. As I always say be happy in your own skin. Create your own fashion.

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Philips selfie straightener BHS 384/00 review

Hello lovers!


Today I will tell you about the new product I recently bought. So basically this is going to be a review blog.

So I was looking for a good and affordable straightener for straightening hair temporarily. Last week I bought one finally and I am satisfied with the product.

PRODUCT DETAILS Philips selfie straightener (instantly ready with extra control)

MODEL– BHS 384/00


So it retails for Rs- 1479 in flipkart and amazon. I will give the links bellow.

Special features

  •  temperature control settings (style at 190*c or 210*c)
  •  Ceramic coating (gentle on your hair)
  • rapid heat up(60 sec heat up time.

Why you should buy this product

  • Now coming to the looks, the product is very must girly and cute. It comes in only one colour that is matte purple and black combo. You do not get any colour options. The packaging is normal; it comes in a cardboard box. So the packaging is normal.


  • In just Rs- 1479 you cannot get more than this. It heats up really fast as it claimed. It heats up within 60 seconds so you don’t have to wait for a long time. It has the temperature control so you can adjust as per your need.


  • The product is very travel friendly. It has a lock the joins the two plates in case you are in a hurry you can just lock the plates and carry it in your handbag.
  • It has a medium size chord having the length of 1.6m. I do not thing someone needs a longer chord than this. The plates are 20*90mm so it covers a good amount of hair in one time.



  • If you are trying this product without washing your hair it will over dry your hair.
  • Do use a heat control hair serum.

So at this low price this product is a steal. If you are looking for a budget product I would suggest you this product.

So I give 4 out of 5 thumbs ups to Philips selfie straightener.

i am Pratyusa Roy bidding you goodbye this time will be back soon with another blog. till then stay tuned and don’t let your passion for fashion die.

love you all


The affordable shopping haul

Hello lovers!


As we all know Durga puja is knocking at our doors. We all started shopping and there are a whole lot of things to buy. Everyone wants to look fashionable in these 5 days. Durga puja is the biggest festival of Bengalis and especially in Kolkata. So I decided to share some of my buying experience and some affordable markets you can visit.

Metro plaza;-

Land up at Maidan Metro Station and take a few steps ahead to reach this Mall.

(Metro Plaza is one of the popular shopping malls in Kolkata. It has more than just shopping, food and entertainment. It is located very close to the Tata Centre in Kolkata.

Metro Shopping Mall consists of many large and small department stores which are specialized in selling different products in a large variety. The Mall houses apparel showrooms, home appliances, jewellery showrooms, perfumes, sports, accessories, shoes, gifts, electronics & many other stores that cater to various needs.)

§  What to buy:-

  • If you are finding shoes online in flipcart or amazon please come to metro plaza. I am telling you why, I was looking for a nice pair of block heels for my upcoming fresher’s party I searched online in flipcart and I got something that I like but the pricing was Rs.1677. Then my best friend suggested me to this mall and I bought the exact same pair of the shoe for Rs.350 only.
  • If you are looking for those trendy shrugs and tops you can visit here too. The mall has a very good collection of dresses and jewelleries at a very affordable price.
  • Bags are also very affordable and trendy. If you are looking for Zara bags at a very low price metro plaza is your place. They sale the first copies at a very low price

Esplanade haul and shopping tips;-

I have already uploaded a blog about esplanade so nothing to say more on this. So yeah if you want to check my blog on esplanade I will link that bellow.

(https://pratyusaroybonglives.wordpress.com/2017/07/16/why-new-market-is-the-best-place-for-street-shopping-in-kolkata/ )

So yeah I bought some trending jewelleries from esplanade. And they are

  1. Afghani earrings: esplanade has a trending collection of Afghani earrings you can get them only for Rs.80 to Rs.100 if you have bargaining skills like my boyfriend.
  1. Owls: no I am not talking about ‘diagon alley’ of harry potter. Yes I am talking about owl necklaces and many more like that. You will get lots of collection of silver jewelleries in only Rs.150.


  1. Sunglasses: you can get trending sunglasses only for Rs.100 to Rs.150

So I haven’t done yet with my shopping actually I haven’t started yet these are just a few glimpse of my puja shopping. Stay tuned for more blogs like these.


I am Pratyusa Roy bidding you good bye will be back again soon.


Hello lovers!


I am back again with a review blog. Again it is all about nykaa. Yes today I am going to talk about Nykaa Painstix.

Nykaa has introduced an extremely affordable lipstick called Nykaa Painstix. Nykaa is India’s one of the most popular e-tailer. It has all you need to be a fashionista. If you want to try this out I can give you a link that will give you a Rs 100 off. Anyway let’s get into the review.


(Link:-  http://Nykaaov.ref-r.com/c/i/11142/5270635

Sign up by clicking on the above link and get coupon code worth 100rs.)



nykaa 3

It retails for Rs 425 only. It has 20 shades from nude shades to dark shades, from pink to brown you will get every trending shade. They have given very interesting name to all the shades.


“Go big on colour and big on glamour! Nykaa’s Paintstix boasts a remarkable formula that pushes the boundaries of colour intensity with its rich and intense pigment. This supreme formula glides on your lips effortlessly, providing you with, undeniable saturated colour in one stroke. It s time to go bold with Nykaa!”


  • Extreme colour intensity
  • Soft matte finish
  • One stroke application
  • Long-wearing
  • Consists Vitamin E and nutrient-infused butter
  • Glides on effortlessly
  • Bold range of shades



The packaging is good. It came in a pink cardboard box and it was so pretty. Inside the cardboard you get the lipstick in a plastic container like other lipsticks. The packaging really looks expensive and the colour of the box is identical to the colour of the actual lipstick, not like the lakme 9 to 5 range. It helps you choosing what colour you want without opening the lipstick

So I can give 9 out of 10 in packaging as the packaging is too good and travel friendly and adorable.

Shades and pigmentation:-

Nykaa introduced almost all trending shades as I told before from nudes to dark shades.

nykaa5.jpgThe pigmentation is really good. The lipstick glides smoothly in your lips. It’s not extreme matte like if you have the problem of dry lips, girl! Trust me NYKAA PAINSTIX is just made for you. It stays almost 3 to 4 hour perfectly then fades.  But the most satisfying thin is it fades from all parts of your lips and doesn’t leave the stain in the outer corners of your lips.

So I am giving 8 out of 10 in pigmentation as the colours are so much smooth and long lasting. You cannot ask for anything more in just Rs 425.




Now if you have really small lips tge applicator can give you a bit trouble. But as I have an average lip it works perfectly on mine.


So I will say Nykaa Painstixis definitely a steal. In this price you cannot get something more than this.

That’s it for today will be back again with another blog.  I am Pratyusa Roy bidding you goodbye. Be fashionable and create your own fashion. Don’t rush for fame. Don’t kill your fashion by following others. Everyone wears their own personality.

See you all next time.