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This is Pratyusa Roy. I am a from a middle class Bengali family. I am starting this bolg to share with you how a life of a bong girl actually work.

The everyday style tips and my travel experiences.

So hope you gonna like my writing.

(Dress: saree:madhubani

Accessories: oxidised long earing)

The affordable shopping haul

Hello lovers!


As we all know Durga puja is knocking at our doors. We all started shopping and there are a whole lot of things to buy. Everyone wants to look fashionable in these 5 days. Durga puja is the biggest festival of Bengalis and especially in Kolkata. So I decided to share some of my buying experience and some affordable markets you can visit.

Metro plaza;-

Land up at Maidan Metro Station and take a few steps ahead to reach this Mall.

(Metro Plaza is one of the popular shopping malls in Kolkata. It has more than just shopping, food and entertainment. It is located very close to the Tata Centre in Kolkata.

Metro Shopping Mall consists of many large and small department stores which are specialized in selling different products in a large variety. The Mall houses apparel showrooms, home appliances, jewellery showrooms, perfumes, sports, accessories, shoes, gifts, electronics & many other stores that cater to various needs.)

§  What to buy:-

  • If you are finding shoes online in flipcart or amazon please come to metro plaza. I am telling you why, I was looking for a nice pair of block heels for my upcoming fresher’s party I searched online in flipcart and I got something that I like but the pricing was Rs.1677. Then my best friend suggested me to this mall and I bought the exact same pair of the shoe for Rs.350 only.
  • If you are looking for those trendy shrugs and tops you can visit here too. The mall has a very good collection of dresses and jewelleries at a very affordable price.
  • Bags are also very affordable and trendy. If you are looking for Zara bags at a very low price metro plaza is your place. They sale the first copies at a very low price

Esplanade haul and shopping tips;-

I have already uploaded a blog about esplanade so nothing to say more on this. So yeah if you want to check my blog on esplanade I will link that bellow.

(https://pratyusaroybonglives.wordpress.com/2017/07/16/why-new-market-is-the-best-place-for-street-shopping-in-kolkata/ )

So yeah I bought some trending jewelleries from esplanade. And they are

  1. Afghani earrings: esplanade has a trending collection of Afghani earrings you can get them only for Rs.80 to Rs.100 if you have bargaining skills like my boyfriend.
  1. Owls: no I am not talking about ‘diagon alley’ of harry potter. Yes I am talking about owl necklaces and many more like that. You will get lots of collection of silver jewelleries in only Rs.150.


  1. Sunglasses: you can get trending sunglasses only for Rs.100 to Rs.150

So I haven’t done yet with my shopping actually I haven’t started yet these are just a few glimpse of my puja shopping. Stay tuned for more blogs like these.


I am Pratyusa Roy bidding you good bye will be back again soon.


Hello lovers!


I am back again with a review blog. Again it is all about nykaa. Yes today I am going to talk about Nykaa Painstix.

Nykaa has introduced an extremely affordable lipstick called Nykaa Painstix. Nykaa is India’s one of the most popular e-tailer. It has all you need to be a fashionista. If you want to try this out I can give you a link that will give you a Rs 100 off. Anyway let’s get into the review.


(Link:-  http://Nykaaov.ref-r.com/c/i/11142/5270635

Sign up by clicking on the above link and get coupon code worth 100rs.)



nykaa 3

It retails for Rs 425 only. It has 20 shades from nude shades to dark shades, from pink to brown you will get every trending shade. They have given very interesting name to all the shades.


“Go big on colour and big on glamour! Nykaa’s Paintstix boasts a remarkable formula that pushes the boundaries of colour intensity with its rich and intense pigment. This supreme formula glides on your lips effortlessly, providing you with, undeniable saturated colour in one stroke. It s time to go bold with Nykaa!”


  • Extreme colour intensity
  • Soft matte finish
  • One stroke application
  • Long-wearing
  • Consists Vitamin E and nutrient-infused butter
  • Glides on effortlessly
  • Bold range of shades



The packaging is good. It came in a pink cardboard box and it was so pretty. Inside the cardboard you get the lipstick in a plastic container like other lipsticks. The packaging really looks expensive and the colour of the box is identical to the colour of the actual lipstick, not like the lakme 9 to 5 range. It helps you choosing what colour you want without opening the lipstick

So I can give 9 out of 10 in packaging as the packaging is too good and travel friendly and adorable.

Shades and pigmentation:-

Nykaa introduced almost all trending shades as I told before from nudes to dark shades.

nykaa5.jpgThe pigmentation is really good. The lipstick glides smoothly in your lips. It’s not extreme matte like if you have the problem of dry lips, girl! Trust me NYKAA PAINSTIX is just made for you. It stays almost 3 to 4 hour perfectly then fades.  But the most satisfying thin is it fades from all parts of your lips and doesn’t leave the stain in the outer corners of your lips.

So I am giving 8 out of 10 in pigmentation as the colours are so much smooth and long lasting. You cannot ask for anything more in just Rs 425.




Now if you have really small lips tge applicator can give you a bit trouble. But as I have an average lip it works perfectly on mine.


So I will say Nykaa Painstixis definitely a steal. In this price you cannot get something more than this.

That’s it for today will be back again with another blog.  I am Pratyusa Roy bidding you goodbye. Be fashionable and create your own fashion. Don’t rush for fame. Don’t kill your fashion by following others. Everyone wears their own personality.

See you all next time.






Hello lovers!


It was a lazy Monday morning and my head was craving for chocolate and I was stuck in a lecture of computer organisation class for more than 2 hours. So I and my two friends decided to go to the nearby café.


Nowadays café culture is very famous in teenagers and college students like us. There are several café in Kolkata trending like MUD, BLUE MUG, THE CHAIWALA, and CCD etc… But trust me I feel giving so much money in only a cup of coffee is wasting it. this is my personal opinion. So this blog can give a new place for your coffee gossips as it is way too cheap and tasty.



Paris bakery is a café situated near dumdum chatakal.  It says a sweet treat from Paris. All the foods are Pure vegetarian and extremely cheap. If you are a student you will get an extra 10% off. It is the student discount.





We ordered one chocolate doughnut, one cupcake, one chocolate durt and two sandwiches. Guess how much we have spent that day. No! Not more that Rs 500 guess once again. Ok I am telling you how much we spent. The doughnut and cupcake cost for Rs 30 the chocolate durt was for Rs. 60. and the sandwiches are of rs.40. so all total we spent rs.200 but got the student discount. So we paid Rs.180.

the chocolate doughnut
chocolate durt
chocolate cupcake



The appearance of the place is very trendy and appropriate for collage addas. The behaviour of the people is very polite.

So I liked the place so much that is why I shared it with you. Stay tuned in MY BONG LIFE for more updates like this. This blog is not about fashion and beauty only. This is all about a life of a Bengali girl; it’s about food, fashion, exploration, photography and many more


Its time to say good bye I am Pratyusa Roy keep loving MY BONG LIFE.




Review blog:  lakme rose powder with sunscreen

Hello lovers!

How have you been? Today’s blog is going to be a review blog. 




It retails for rs 150 only. But i got a discount from nykaa and bought it for rs 128. It has two shades soft pink and warm pink. 40gm of products available in the packet.


Foundation make-up in a powder format- gives a flawless radiant look.Contains rose fragrance to keep you fresh, contains sunscreen to protect from harmful UV rays.Gives a flawless radiant look.



 Talc, Zinc Sterate, Cyclopentasiloxane, Titanium Dioxide, Aluminium hydroxide, Steric Acid, Perfume, Rosa Damascena Extract,Phenoxy Ethanol, Butyl Paraben, Ethyl Paraben, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben.




>The packaging is good. You will get a plastic box and inside that there is a air tight plastic flip cover. And the plastic cover makes it extremely travel friendly. 

>You get a puff within it with that you can blend the product perfectly.


 >there is extremely small holes from there products can not come out frequently. You have to open the flip cover to get sufficient amount of product.



The formula is good. it works best on oily skin, reduced sweat, makes your skin fresh. A little bit dry for those who has a dry skin. 

If you are not interested or too lazy for foundation you can just use this compact and good to go. It has a beautiful fragrance. It has a smooth texture and blends perfectly.

∆the only problem of this product is it has only two shades.

>Warm pink for dusky skin tone

>Soft punk for light skin tone

It would be really helpful if lakme introduce more shades.

Altogether the product is a must have.


This is the first time i bought something from nykaa. They gave me special 20rs discount on my first buy. The product was delivered within 5 to 6 days.

It was a good experience with nykaa. Paytm is available and yhis is the biggest advantage of nykaa. Flipcart and Amazon do not have paytm available. If you are looking for only makeup and beauty products. You should visit nykaa. 

I will link the product’s link down below.

( Link-  http://Nykaaov.ref-r.com/c/i/11142/5270635

Product link-  

https://nykaa.ly/P_1275  )

That is it for today will be back again with another exciting blog. Till then good bye take take stay fashionable and create your own fashion.

I am Pratyusa Roy bidding you good bye for now.

Thanks you

Hello lovers!DSCN2595-02[1]

You know when I was young and was in school I have always dreamt of a gang.DSCN2561 A gang of friends like the tv shows and films show us. But when the school life ended and I realised there is a huge difference between reel life and real life. IMG_20170807_175425_Bokeh[1]Everything in college life is very much political and complicated; every word has it several meanings. I was heartbroken at first but then I got some people who are just like those characters of my fantasy world, like those friendship films.IMG_20170807_175437_Bokeh[1]

Today’s blog is dedicated to some people who made my dream come true.IMG_20170807_175219_Bokeh[1] I have seen them fighting for each other, I have seen them dreaming about something together, I have seen them legpulling each other, do you want to know who are those people I am talking about?

Shuvadeep pal(pal da), krishnendu hazra (krishno da), subhadeep das (das da), swajan chatterjee (dr. da), megha das(megha di), sweta banarjee (sweta di) and sautam dey. They are all my seniors and elder brother and sisters. But I feel like home with them.

  • I have experienced the excitement of intercollege competition with these guys. It was a robotics fight. You just cannot imagine that excitement if you haven’t faced that situation ever in your life. That was mind blowing, trust me.
  • Pal da’s brother’s wedding was a memory that we call our core memory. You know like in Indian Hindu weddings the both families send each other some gifts and we call it tattya. The tattya is decorated beautifully by both the families. We all girls were there with pal da’s mother (aunty) decorating the tattya and she was very frank I love her a lot. And the boys were legpulling and doing no work. Anyway those are some memories I will never forget in my life.
  • Then my first ride with #KNOW to diamond harbour. That kind of adrenalin rush I have never felt before.


So I decided to thank all of you for making my life so much happening and exciting. You all made my college life so special. I hope we always be like this. I love you all ❤


So that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed the blog. I will be back again with some exciting stuff. Till then good bye take care and don’t forget to irritate your best friends. Good bye


#OOTD (04;08:2017)

Hello lovers!


It’s been a long time I uploaded a blog. In my last blog I promised you to upload another blog about the new myntra  top that i bought recently.


So my best friend and I decided to go for a photo-shoot. I have told you about my friend in my previous blog. he is an amazing photographer. I will link his Instagram id at the end of this blog.

#OOTD: (04:08:2017)

I paired the dirty peach colour high-neck sleeveless top with bright denim jeans. Playing with colour is my all-time favourite thing. Keeping it simple and elegant I wore my regular ankle canvas boots in the colour black and at last paired it up with a simple orange hobo bag.


The wing eyeliner and the red lipstick with a little amount of highlighter on the nose and the cheek bones created the simple but classy look.


That’s it for today. Play with your colours. Fashion is nothing but the way you are. Be confident about yourself. Trust me no one is perfect.

DSCN2679-01 A girl can’t become a lady if she haven’t messed up with her winged eyeliner once in her life.


I am Pratyusa Roy bidding you good-bye for now will be back soon. And don’t forget to wipe all your make-up before your beauty-sleep.

https://www.instagram.com/pratyusaroy/ (my instagram link)

https://www.instagram.com/sautamdey/ (my photographer friends instagram link)

Thank me later. XOXO


Hello lovers!blog[1]

Recently I went to a friend’s house to celebrate his brother’s birthday. So I thought to wear a palazzo as it is the most comfortable wear for me. But before that I need to tell you about my recent wardrobe collection


I recently bought a pair of palazzo and a Peach-coloured woven crop top, has a tie-up neckline, so the top I bought was for rupees 359 only and it is a beautiful dirty peach colour top with a tie and a length of 20 inches. Basically it is a crop top but if you are pairing it with a high west palazzo orjeans it will not be a crop one. And the palazzo is really worth to buy. I bought it for 494 rupees only and trust me you cannot find a more stylish and comfortable palazzo anywhere.

(Palazzo pants https://www.myntra.com/palazzos/rare/rare-maroon-palazzo-relaxed-fit-trousers/1085518/buy

Off shoulder crop top  https://www.myntra.com/tops/popnetic/popnetic-women-peach-coloured-crepe-crop-top/1849328/buy

Tell me you liked it or not. And do tell me if you interested in buying this products. )


I have paired the palazzo with a white chiffon shirt with black stripes.

blog7 As it was a kid’s birthday party I avoided the off shoulder crop top. This white shirt gives a perfect classy look with the maroon palazzo. blog8blog9You can wear it to office, in casual friend’s day outs or even in some parties like I have done.

I paired it up with a maroon lipstick, and a winged eyeliner with a very little amount of shimmery eye shadow.blog10

So that’s it for today. I am Pratyusa Roy bidding you good bye for this time. You go and start your puja shopping. (as I am coming from a Bengali Hindu family we have our biggest festival coming so I have mentioned about puja shopping rest who don’t celebrate DURGA PUJA…….. girls we don’t need a reason to shop. Go ahead)blog11

Thank me letter. Lots of love.  xoxo